Web Design

Make us groove

Web design is always a question of working together.
A good structure of information simply doesn't come out of the box.

Don't trust the stupid saying we see all over: "your web site, just a few clicks away".

There is gonna be work,
so let's have som fun!
Established strategies
The design I propose always takes into consideration established marketing strategies, and thus adapts to your logo, print design and the colors of your business communication.

It is my mission is to make your information accessible and to help you to reach your target groups.
Together we will be able
to create the funky communication
that makes your targets groove with you.
Solid Coding
Of course this is my part of the work. Publishing for the web means debugging. Things just don't work the same way on different platform and browser configurations.

Together with a large Open Source Community I test the technologies to offer you solutions that work!
Responsive design
Together we will make your website adapt to different target screen resolutions. From smartphones via tablets to computer monitors, your website will be easily accessible.

Update your content

Joomla provides a very powerful Content Managment System, with loads of funtionality and possibilities.

Open Source Technology

I use Joomla because it is an Open Source project, that is continuously developing and made available for free.

Tailor made

Joomla has been designed for all kinds of users from novice to expert. We can provide tailor made trainings adapted to your needs, so that over some time you will learn how to use your Content Managment System.

Delegate work

We all just have the amount of time that we have, so don't waste your precious asset. You just have to know the functionality that you are actually using. Or if you prefer, let me do the updates and provide us with your new content.

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Rolf Markelius
Raggarön 100
742 91 Östhammar


Don't hesitate, just contact me!

It will be a pleasure to speak with you
regardless the size of your project.


Enjoy new inspiration

my mission is to promote
the joy of creativity and
meaningful communication