To celebrate creativity

“My approach to work has many strands and engages a variety of tools, one being playfulness as another form of curiosity and readiness for experimentation.

Creation also means dedication, relentness endeavor to produce meaningful information in the form of photos, texts, graphics, art and digital products that connect people with people, just like you.

Creative ideas happen in this moment, in the NOW.
To value and celebrate this unlimited potential OF THE PRESENT MOMENT, is a principle that I have been cultivating and sharing through over 3 decades of yoga practice and teaching.”
We all know that production is tedious, it's part of the effort that we ask of ourselves.
After creation comes production.... let's do it together!
Keeping in mind the beautiful title of Shunryu Suzukis masterpiece,
"Zen mind, beginners mind",
my encouragment would be to practice the beginners mindset, even when your or my skills are that of an expert in some fields.

For many years already, renowned stress management experts, psycho-therapists, meditators, and many authors such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Eckhart Tolle have been underlining this possibility of celebrating human creativity by talking and writing about "The Now".


The game I provide below is with courtesy to human creativity, to the arts, to all the artists, to all the museums and galleries showing art and to the wit to want to watch, a quality that is present in most of us.

You may want to click on a square and let the picture appearing surprise you. At hand you may close each enlargment with the cross at the right upper corner or flip through....

Enjoy the moment of visual impacts and look for it's effects within.


I started to develop my creative skills with photography, from the early years with analogical film and of course with night-long darkroom elaborations to enhance and produce prints from the negatives.

Moving on to video, film, graphic production, web development, there has been an ongoing growth with new technologies new media and new audiences.

Well "live is a changeling" as Jim Morrison sings with the Doors...
and this adage has clearly convinced me to become a dictum.

The Roots of Inspiration



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Enjoy new inspiration

my mission is to promote
the joy of creativity and
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