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Diversity Innovation Tradition

The ability to convey a feeling for the times that we live in, and to place us in a tradition of visual impact, is something that I attempt to induce into my graphic production.

Crossover cuisine is the inspiration from culinaria to achieve a bandwidth that is attractive to people of different cultural and aesthetical background.

Ever since the day MoveOnUp was launched in 1999, it has made a name for its broad skills in producing graphic art, websites, photos and text material. 

Now with over two decades of experience it's become the partner of choice for people and companies that look for innovative graphic production.


Creating together..

Graphic Collaboration
For the creation of an attractive web site conveying timeless elegance, delivering the information that you find important.

Our web creations are 100% responsive, adapting to all common devices.

We think web sites should above all be user-friendly, so that your rich content is easy to reach.
Together we will be able
to create the communication
that reaches your targets
with words, graphics, fotos,
and your choice of media...
We need words to communicate and to perform a transfer of ideas. Often there are pragmatic issues that want to be conveyed, but there is also an elusive verbal domain that has to do with life-style, values, qualities rather than quantities...
My purpose is to be clear and direct and if needed to transport a feeling from a source language to it's target.

A lot of texts are unnecessarily murky and it might even be that a translation is better than it's source.
My guidelines are respect for the original message and respect for the reader who invests time in the matter.

Multiple intelligencies

There is so much creativity in this world and the human intelligence is ever evolving.

That is one of the manifold reasons to leave mainstream restrictions of the mind and express our individuality.

The theory of multiple intelligences was first proposed by Howard Gardner to more accurately define the concept of intelligence.
His theory argues that intelligence, as it is traditionally defined, does not adequately encompass the wide variety of abilities humans display.

...and not just repeating the same...

When we learn things, we start by emulating.
The same pattern of knowledge transmission as we find with so many of our animal friends.

I gladly show how to do things, and I am pedagogically skilled at giving clear demonstrations of how programs and web publishing systems work.

But often I also ask myself questions about the next level:
do you want to train yourself or your staff to think in new ways?

Do you believe in the possibility to develop new skills that are not out of the box repetitions of conditioned behaviour?

Renew your understanding

What kind of photos do you need?

Maybe you have all the photos and graphic bricks that are needed to build a site. There are so many possibilities on the web to create rich content.

Refresh your view

When we get accustomed to our surroundings we tend become numbed. That's why we need to get out from time to time.... just to have a walk, to see something new.

Sometimes we need to travel, but mostly we don't have to go that far. To sit down and meditate, or sketch or play some music will do as much....to open up our mind and our perception of the world.
We will gladly assist you in choosing the right material and do some photo sessions or the post production that is needed to provide your target with the right visual information.


Rolf Markelius
Raggarön 100
742 91 Östhammar


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Enjoy new inspiration

my mission is to promote
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