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Translation and interpreting
Specialized in marketing and technical documentation, with over 20 years experience in the following fields:
  • fashion, sports and outdoor equipment,
  • IT, automotive, mechanical engineering,
  • pharmaceutical, chemical and medical industries
  • as well as commercial law and finance.
Accuracy and precision
  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing material
  • Legal documents
  • Localization for specific audience
  • Terminology management
  • Perfect command of Trados Studio
I was born in Düsseldorf and spent my early school years in Vienna, Austria. Thereafter my family moved to France. My bilingual upbringing and an international education program has significantly contributed to my language skills.

Regular translation assignments, studies and traveling together with a genuine interest in linguistic phenomena ensure that I constantly stay up-to-date and extend what I consider to be a living knowledge.

Your core messages
to be understood

Adapting your content

When you translate your content and information for local Swedish audiences, you need to make sure you reach these in their language and adapt your style of communication to suit this society, slang, grammar and cultural preferences. Localisation refines your content to create instant customer empathy and reassurance.

End clients comprise:

Algeco, Astra Zeneca, ATIKA, Berner, Derungs Licht, EMAG, GDF SUEZ, MAMMUT, NISSAN, Glatt, Harris & Bruno, Rainbird, Renault, Sagem, SALOMON, Sperian, Siemens, THE NORTH FACE, Transair, Zolux ...

Content & Information

  • Advertisements
  • Brand slogans
  • Product information
  • Style guides
  • Website content

Delegate your language work

Make your workflow more efficient by using professional language services.
  • copywriting
  • texts and slogans for web sites
  • informational texts for web sites and graphic productions

Don't blindly trust the machine.

We all just have the amount of time that we have. Automatic translation tools and services are doing some remarkable job for more and more language combinations. Yet the true feeling of a sentence and the accuracy of expressions is something that has to be evaluated by humans using the language.


Rolf Markelius
Raggarön 100
742 91 Östhammar


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