MoveOnUp - Web Design Studio

Web Design has to be visually enticing,
there is a dimension of fun and celebration,
that I find important for all kinds of communication.

More often than not
stupid bling bling gimmicks
visually affront us on the Web.
This is appaling.

My ambition is to produce
web sites that are clean, pure, restful
and harmonious to the eye.

How it came to be...

MoveOnUp was established in Stockholm, in December 1999.

I had been working in the field of experimental video and photography for some years, as well as with documentary film projects.

What brought me to the Web? 

There was something irresistible about the Web at that time. I liked the idea of motion graphics.

Still today it is what makes the big difference to printed media. On a screen, things can be made to be moving around.

Right from the start, I was working in close collaboration with several companies in the area of graphic production.
Thus working together with other actors enabled me to implement and refine workflows for simultaneous print and web productions.

Personal interest in music and video simply made specialising in streaming media self-evident.

Now that the general public increasingly has access to a broadband connection, we can see how this demand for richer Internet content is here to stay. It's become kind of natural to watch films and TV-shows via the internet.

Very early I also took a step in the direction of dynamic websites, developing tailor-made Content Management Systems for my customers.

Today this is not necessary any longer. The plethora of Open Source developed Content Management Systems give us so much more functionality.
I chose to specialise in Joomla, which has been consolidating over the years growing in functionality and design possibilities.

My background as a photographer and video artist inspired me to master such a visually enticing a media as Flash.
With the arrival of smartphones and tablet computers, unfortunately Flash seems to be on it's way to the archive of legacy site technologies .

With years of experience I find myself to be in a good position to give strategic advice on choices and assist you in choosing your direction in which you would like to deploy your information on the Web.

My ambition

... is to preserve our living environment

  • Using machines with a good environmental standard
  • Minimising the use of paper
  • Communicating by phone and via email to reduce traveling
  • Choosing email/FTP/Cloud services over postal services for delivery
  • Making conscious choices of paper and printing processes
  • Choosing partners that follow an environmental guideline

Unsplash Fotos

Some of the illustrative fotos on this website are courtesy from the great and generous photgraphers publishing their work on the Unsplash Foto plattform: